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 Dear Gardening Friends,

Here are a few growing tips to keep your plants looking great all summer:

- With all the extra watering you 've been doing, you have probably washed all the nutrients out of the soil.  I recommend at least 3 applications of fertilizer one week apart.  Use any all purpose fertilizer or bloom booster (like Miracle Grow).  If you are an osmocote lover this would be a good time to do a second application in addition to the liquid feed.

Trim - Shape up your plants that are getting long and leggy.  I like to cut plants back to within an inch or two of the edge of the pot as well as rounding off the top.  Don't be afraid, your plants will thank you in a week and they will rebound and look better the ever.

Replace and refresh - There is still a lot of summer left, so if some of your plants are beyond hope, stick a new one in to freshen up your garden.  Most annuals will look great well into October.

Try these tips and you will be pleasantly surprised in a couple of weeks.

"For The Garden"
has what YOU need to enjoy OUTDOOR LIVING at it's BEST!

See you soon!
Greg Haefner

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